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We all suffer from pain from time to time, whether it is a simple injury that causes a fast and non-serious pain, to serious illness like cancer,  fibromyalgia, or an old injury, kidney stones, after surgery agony, spinal headaches, and much more.

Pain is way more than just an emotional feeling, it can lead to several types of depression, anxiety disorders, and much more. These issues affect our lives and the way we interact with the world, our friends and family.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

We want to help you to find the best answers to all pain related questions. From now on we will be publishing articles about pain, how to manage pain, pain treatments, natural pain management, types of pain, pain recommended medications, and much more.

Again, thanks for visiting us, and welcome to the Pain Relief Blog!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Pain Relief Blog

  • I’ve had chronic pain for years nothings ever worked ,I have several illnesses can’t get pip yet I’m getting worse n worse even work is too much of a struggle n I am debating going off sick pain management wasn’t helpful last time just told me the pain I was in n couldn’t understand why I got irritated don’t need someone reminding me how much pain I suffer ever day I don’t even sleep anymore it’s a dose of about an hour before the pain get that bad I have to get out of bed I can’t sit on hard chairs as feels like the bones still top of my leg going to pop out me skin have to crack me knees constantly to feel comfy n me shoulders and arms n wrists all in all I could quite easily just

  • having pain by right outer thigh area…sometimes pain radiates to ankle…having difficulty with transfers, can’t walk more than about 80 feet without pain…using a walker…on dilaudid…does not relieve pain…burns my stomach…now dealing with nausea & vomiting…MD does not know what the problem is…he said it comes from a nerve in my back…what pain killers can I take instead of dilaudid ?(Aleeve/advil/Tylenol don’t help)

    • You need to make a full pain study and have your doctor a proactive pain monitoring. Some things that can work would be non-opioid prescription medications like gabapentinoids, but your doctor is the best one to give you an alternative.

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