My name is Barin Emory and I am currently living in Denver, Colorado, United States.

I am graduated with a Ph.D. in Medicine with Degrees in Pain Relieving from the Imperial College School of Medicine, and Legal Issues in Medicine at the International and University of Aberdeen School of Law, United Kingdom.

Once I moved to the US, I decided to study a variety of degrees, courses and certifications related to Pain Relieving, Medications and Generic Drugs, that were dictated in several universities, including even a brief period in medical institutions in different cities of Canada.

In my youth, I was more interested in studying Law instead of Medicine, however, with the passage of time my interest in medicine began to interest me due to some connections with members of my family that worked in some hospitals in the area, although my specific interest in pain relief was a consequence of a recurrent illness that one of my relatives suffered.

I remember that the Doctors who took care of my girlfriend prescribed to her many medications to reduce multiple types of pain, and I started to feel interested by how different drugs can help you in specific cases to stop the pain in certain areas, or according to certain conditions.

As a result of this, I began to introduce myself in the studies of medicine when I got to college, more specifically adapted to what is referred to in the area of pain treatment and composition of medications, both commercial and generic drugs. That was the beginning of my studies in Medicine.

As my interest in Law didn’t disappear, I found a way to mix these two things, due to the college career of Legal Issues in Medicine, so I took advantage of the opportunities that came into my way to be able to study and get this degree.

In all the years of study and work in different medical institutions, I have reviewed a variety of cases and conditions of various kinds, so I have been able to investigate each case more specifically to offer a response to different conditions and recommend the best treatment.

It is thanks to that, that I have aimed to start this blog about Pain Relief, to be able to reach more people and share the knowledge that I have obtained with my experience and study, and being able to help people who suffer pain issues.

Please, feel free to give suggestions and collaborate with your experience.
Thank you for reading.